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78% of people surveyed have used a video celebrity app for personalized video messages for birthday/anniversary greetings

Video celebrity apps, in which celebrities send personalized birthday or anniversary greetings to their fans are gaining in popularity, with 78% of people surveyed saying that they use these apps to send greetings to their loved ones.

iCubesWire, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in India conducted a survey among 1,000 respondents from xx period to xx period. The result of the survey shows that celebrity apps are quite popular among the common public. Famous actors, sportsmen and other celebrities have designed their own celebrity applications. The celebrity app market has seen an impressive growth, with more and more people using such apps to surprise their loved ones with a special greeting from their favourite celebrities.

Global and Indian celebrities have designed their own apps to stay in touch with their fans and establish brand loyalty. Thus far, the experience of fans with celebrity apps seems to be good, with 72% of those surveyed stating that they are satisfied with their experience with such apps. The more personalized the message the better the experience. Almost 51% of respondents stated that they prefer a video call from their favourite celebrity, while 30% were happy with a recorded video message.

The survey indicates that fans are comfortable paying for personalized greetings, with 66% of respondents saying that that price for video greetings is reasonable. Movie actors top the list of preferred celebrities, with 35% of respondents saying that they would like to receive greetings from movie stars. Around 33% of respondents prefer sports stars while 16% prefer TV actorsand 17% said they would like to receive greetings from social media influencers.

“Celebrity apps are a great way for celebrities to be a part of the lives of their dedicated fans. It helps them stay close to their audience and establish a personal rapport with fans. For fans, such apps provides them with a chance to be wished by their favourite celebrity. Access to celebrities has improved like never before after the growth of celebrity apps. Personalized greetings makes fans feel special on their birthday or wedding anniversary. The survey shows that these apps are quite popular among people and their experience in using these apps has been good so far. We expect to see more such celebrity apps in the future, given the positive experience of fans,” Mr. Sahil Chopra, CEO, iCubesWire, said.

Other Key Findings:

  • The survey shows that 45% of fans prefer greetings in English language
  • 42% of respondents prefer personalized messages in Hindi
  • Around 6% of respondents prefer to be greeted in Marathi language while 7% prefer it in other regional languages.

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